The line of Rolli Cradles are engineered and designed to assist in both line travel operations, and a dependable, quick and efficient means of the lowering of pipeline.

Cradle:Special cradle made to carry load from 6 to 50 tons to be used on different sizes of pipelines.

Rollers: Special rollers are made to protect PE coating or any other type of coating during lowering which absorb the heat created by friction as well as protection has been given to rollers to protect it from dust not to enter inside the bearings

Bearings: The rollers are fitted with the Heavy duty bearings to carry the weight of the pipeline.

Pins: High carbon steel is being used in the pins to stand with the thrust of pipeline during lowering.

Ability to handle 6" to 60" pipe
• High-load teflon / polyurethane rollers.
• Anti-friction bearings.
• Pipeline industrial quality.
• Pipe protection that saves manpower.

Standard Features:
•The cradle design provides quick disassembly for transit and storage.
•Multiple Teflon / polyurethane rollers spaced to support the pipe and distribute load evenly which prevents an "egging" problem.
•Rollers ride easily over weld seams and do not hang up over the seams.
•Easily used as a lowering-in or lifting out cradle.
•Various cradle assemblies for pipe sizes 6" (168 mm) through 60" (1524 mm) are available along with replaceable rollers.

Load Testing:

Load testing of the Rolli cradles is being carried out by the agency approved by Govt. of India. Testing is being done at twice the load carrying capacity of the equipment.

Size Weight Total Number
of Rollers
Number of
Cable Strands
Wire Rope
Maximum Recommended
Working Load
Inch mm lbs. / kgs. lbs. / (kgs.)
2-6" 51-152 110/50 10 2 12mm. 8800(4000)
6-12" 152-305 300/136 28 4 19mm. 15400(7000)
12-24" 305-610 750/341 36 4 20mm. 33000(15000)
24-36" 610-914 1419/645 36 4 22mm. 55000(25000)
36-48" 914-1219 2145/975 36 4 28mm. 77000(35000)
48-60" 1219-1524 3685/1675 36 4 35mm. 99000(45000)