Rolli Cradles

Rolli Cradles are cradles that wrap
around the pipe. The cradle forms a
continuous roller surrounding the
lower half of the pipe. Choose from
cradles for pipe from 2" to 60"
(60.3 mm – 1524 mm) in diameter.


Rubber Roller

To remove entrapped air in the adhesive layer around weld bead or in the overlap area.

Rollers are specifically designed to
work on heat-shrink products.



Con Corporation is designed to provide support in the operation of all types of line travel equipment.

Roller Cradels also provide a dependable, quick and efficient means of lowering in pipe.

The line of Con Corporation Pipe Roller Cradles are engineered and designed to assist in both line travel operations, and the lowering-in of pipe. Each size pipe roller cradle comes with urethane rollers and sealed bearing to protect all types of pipe coatings.

Ability to handle 6” to 60” Pipe...